The mixture of theory and practice was particularly excellent

The degree in administrative management (FH) using the government of Middle Franconia is very varied and I can only advocate it personally.

I particularly liked the mixture of theoretical studies and practical coaching. This enabled theoretically learned knowledge to be utilised successfully in practice and, above all, easier to remember. Through the internship at the government of Middle Franconia, I especially liked the fact that the trainers in the subject places took a lot of time for me and explained and taught me quite a bit. As a result, I was in a position to handle demanding practical tasks throughout the internship, which was a terrific advantage for the exams at the University for Public Service in Hof.

It was specifically good that all colleagues have been very nice and research paper bibliography mla friendly to me and made me really feel like I belonged to the respective group through the internship. During the week, all applicants have been supplied a finding out afternoon so that they had sufficient time for you to brush up on theoretical content for the university throughout the internship.

You happen to be keen on a range of administrative jobs at the Bavarian State Ministry for Housing, Construction and Visitors? In our district governments, the autobahn directorates and the 22 state building authorities, we provide you with you the alternative of training to turn out to be an administrative administrator or perhaps a practice-oriented course to turn into a graduate administrator. Immediately after your apprenticeship or degree, you will find appealing starting positions with us for the professional career with a job assure.

When you have your secondary school diploma within your pocket, you possibly can start an apprenticeship as an administrator / -start in. Following successfully passing the choice approach at the Bavarian State Personnel Committee, your coaching begins on September 1st from the calendar year and lasts for 2 years. Theoretical education sections

You might take element in courses supplied by the Bavarian Administration College at a number of places all through Bavaria – among that is certain to become near you. Practical training

Additionally towards the theoretical part of your apprenticeship, you can complete an internship in your workplace (as close to your home as you possibly /examples-of-annotated-bibliography-mla/annotated-bibliography-example-mla/ can) at one of our 22 state building authorities.

Should you be keen on our training as an administrative administrator or in studying to turn out to be a You’re able to register for the respective choice procedure throughout the application period. For apprenticeships: around the beginning of February for the finish of April / beginning of Could possibly (The year of employment is often the following calendar year. )

All details, dates and registration For university areas: about April to the beginning of July

(The year of employment is generally the following calendar year. )

All material, dates and registration

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